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Have you ever deleted files mistakenly, pressed Shift+Delete, or empted the recycling bin and lost important pictures, videos or other files? Have you lost data caused due to virus attack, hard drive crash, or formatting. The free software we include can recover deleted and lost files from your internal hard drive, external hard drive, USB flash drive, digital camera, mobile phone, or even an MP3 or Mp4 player. If you accidentally delete or lose files this software will recover them from any Windows file system including FAT12, FAT16, FAT32, and NTFS. It can even recover files from some other file systems. With many powerful options, this tool is a must have!

Repair Hardware & Missing Driver Problems

If you get a message telling you that a driver is missing or a driver is outdated, your computer may be running slower than it should. Drivers can become corrupt, deleted, uninstalled or simply outdated due to an update issued by the manufacturer. If you just reinstalled your operating system and no longer have the original driver disc that came with the computer you may not even know what drivers you need. We include free driver update and installation software that will help you identify and install the drivers your computer needs to run as fast as possible and increase computer speed.

Clone & Backup Your Entire Computer

If your hard drive fails, you accidentally delete a file, get a computer virus or somehow corrupt your files you could lose pictures, music, or important personal and financial data. The Software includes a  free computer hard drive clone and backup program to make sure that your important data is always protected. You should backup your computer regularly, and the included software makes it easy.

Windows Forgotten Password Tool

If you have lost or forgotten your Windows login password, the included recovery software will restore your access to your windows computer fast! Even if  Microsoft or another computer technician has told you that your system is lost and that you will need to reinstall windows, the software will completely restore your password and give you access to windows. No matter what version of Windows you have on your computer, the software will safely and easily allow you to get back into Windows. The software works on Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows Vista, and Windows 7 all editions. We guarantee that you will get back into your computers operating system 100%.

Private Data Evidence Eraser Security Tools

Did you know that your computer is also a recording device? Every action you make is recorded and can be retrieved by anyone, like your spouse, boss, friend, or anyone who has access to the PC you use. There are tools that can retrieve deleted files. Even formatting your hard drive is not a guarantee of privacy! We provide free free file and evidence eraser software that will clean your pc and make it faster, but more importantly delete files and information that you don't want anyone to find PERMANENTLY. The wrong person seeing your private files or internet browsing history could get you fired, lead to you losing your spouse, or even end up in criminal charges. A good evidence eraser is the one computer tool that everyone that likes their privacy should have.

Computer Hardware Repair Video Tutorials

Maybe your hard drive died or you want to upgrade to a bigger hard drive. Perhaps you want to upgrade ram in your computer to speed things up. Or maybe you want to upgrade or install a new video card. We include how to videos and technical support showing you how to upgrade and repair every part of your computers hardware, and even how to build a computer from scratch. You will be able to fix and upgrade laptops, desktops and even servers by watching our videos on computer hardware repair and replacement.

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What is Included, what will I get to fix and speed up my computer?

We provide you with software to repair your computer and software to speed up your pc in the form of a bootable operating system with additional free windows based installable programs. We don't just give you software and say good luck though! We provide free technical support through your own online help desk system where you can login and ask questions, download updates and more software, watch additional videos as they are added, and get help for any computer problem you may have.

Is this a download or a cd that gets sent in the mail?

It can be both. We offer the software and repair system as a bootable cd that can be shipped out to you in the mail at your option by selecting the "Ship by Mail" option when you are registering. If you want instant access, you can log into your control panel and download the most current version of the software and watch all the tutorials and videos online.

What type of support is available to help me use the software?

We offer support via your own custom help desk login system. You can ask questions and get answers from certified technicians, watch step by step videos and download updates and additional software.

You can also book a technician to log into your computer to diagnose and solve problems in real-time on a pay per instance basis.


Rescue Lost or Accidentally Deleted Files

We give you the tools to improve computer performance and make your pc faster. You will be able to increase computer speed a number of ways. You will be able to Clean Your Disk & Files, Optimize Your Settings, Defragment Your Drive, Update Hardware Drivers, Clean Up Startup and Hidden Programs, Optimize and fix registry errors and problems.


Optimize & Speed Up Slow Computers

Our Complete Repair System includes free antivirus and spyware software that can be used to scan and remove virus and spyware threats. Dangerous Keyloogers, trojans, popups and toolbars can slow down your pc and create serious security threats for your computer and network. Our package provides access to the tools to control virus and spyware threats and the knowledge about how to keep your computer system completely clean!


Fix & Remove Virus Spyware Problems

If you have a system crash and your hard drive and files become inaccessible, or lost; The free software we include will help to recover missing files and folders from damaged or corrupted Windows partitions or hard drives. It recovers all files and folders lost due to disk formatting, virus attacks, Blue Screen of Death (BSOD), disk failure, and just about any other type of system failure. When you have lost precious data, pictures and other files, this software can help to recover them fast!

Rescue Damaged or Formatted Hard Drives

If your Windows system crashes and will not boot what do you do? Whether your crash was caused by a Blue Screen of Death (BSOD), a missing file error like "ntldr is missing" or "bootmgr is missing"; or anything else, Our software will provide an instant operating system that can be used to recover files and gain access to the computers hard drives and systems. You can even use the operating system to get on the internet and finish work before restoring your computer.

Boot Up Any Computer Without Your Hard Drive

If your Desktop or Laptop Computer is running slowly, not starting up or having problems with viruses, malware, or popups, Our software and technical support can help. As much as 95% of all computer problems are software or operating system related. That's where our Emergency Operating System and Technicians Toolkit comes in. It will provide you with all the tools that certified Computer repair technicians use to fix problems with pc's. Even if your hard Drive is totally crashed and your computer won't start, our software will provide a fast loading operating system to help you recover files, fix common problems, and even to continue to be able to surf the internet; check email; and be productive. In addition to the emergency operating system environment, we include free software that can recover lost or accidentally erased files. You can recover precious pictures, videos, documents or any other type of file that may have been accidentally lost, formatted, or deleted.


You can update or locate missing windows hardware driver files, create complete backups of your entire computer system; speed up and optimize slow computers, and so much more. Not having all the right drivers setup on your computer can cause slowdowns and errors. Our software system, customized for your computer model will automatically install, restore, and update all your drivers so everything runs smoothly. We believe that providing you with the tools alone, is simply not enough. The software comes with complete support through your very own 24 hour a day 7 day a week online helpdesk; where you can ask our certified technicians questions, check out the latest videos and information about how to fix any problem with a computer; download software and apps to enhance your computing experience; or even book an online real time help session; where a technician can log into your computer over the internet and fix or diagnose problems for you *. In addition to all the software and technical support you need, you also get hours of video tutorials teaching you how to fix software and hardware problems and even how to build computer systems from the ground up. With our help you'll be able to get your system running at top performance fast and never have to worry about taking it to a repair shop where you can spend as much as $200 per visit. Many of our satisfied system users, have even gone on to start their own businesses as computer repair technicians, and make a lot of money for themselves. You'll be able to solve your own computer issues quickly, and those of your friends and family as well.


We guarantee that you will love our software as well as our service. Get our complete solution today and fix any computer problem fast!

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The system includes free anti spyware  software that can search for and remove spyware, trojans, popup and key logger threats and errors.

Can the Software scan for and Remove Spyware?

The system includes free antivirus software that can search for and remove virus threats and errors.

Can the Software scan for and Remove a Computer Virus?

The software includes a free system backup and hard drive cloning program that will back up and help restore your computer in the event of data loss or a complete system crash.

Can I Backup & Recover my Computer using the software?

We include software that will recover access to your Windows operating system by resetting the administrative password. If you have a lost windows password and need to get back into Windows, this tool will do the job no matter what version of Windows operating system you are running.

I lost my windows Password. Can the software fix it?

The Software provides a bootable operating system environment that will help you to recover files and fix potential errors that are keeping your computer from starting up. You can even use the operating system to surf the internet, create and edit document files and continue to be productive until your windows operating system is repaired or restored if you like.

My computer will not start up. Will the Software Help?

We include free software that will help you to recover lost of deleted pictures, videos, documents, or any file that has been removed from your hard drive, or flash memory card.


Will the Software help me recover lost Pictures, Videos or other files?

We offer a full satisfaction guarantee if for any reason you are not pleased with the performance of the software or the level of service or support you receive.

What if this does not work and I am not Satisfied?

Our system will work on Laptops, Desktops and Tablet computers running Windows based operating systems.

Will this work on Laptops and Desktop Computers?

We do not limit the number of Computers that you may use the software on personally. You can use your copy of the software to fix your own computer or your friends and families computers as well.

How many Computers can I use the software on?

The software and tutorials make it easy to repair and diagnose and computer problem or issue. It is easy enough for a complete novice to use and powerful enough for an experienced technician to find useful as well.

I am not a technical Person, Can I use this? Is it Hard?

Our toolkit software and tutorials are designed for windows based computer systems, and the software is compatible with Windows XP, 2000, Vista, and Windows 7; all versions and all editions. The software will also work on Windows Server Machines such as Server 2003 and Server 2008.

What Operating System is the software compatible with?

Our software and tutorials are designed to work with all computers regardless of make or model. We do however customize the software to your needs based on the type of computer that you have and enter during registration.

I have a Dell, HP, IBM or other Brand Computer. Will this work for me?

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